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Advanced Customer Contact Management Systems for the Automotive Dealership

Welcome to a complete and innovative solution for daily communication with your customers.

With years of practical dealership experience, DealerVoice Marketing Technologies has wrestled with the same customer contact issues as you; dealership service marketing does not always give full value for the money. This forces your mainstay business to support increasingly resource hungry, expensive and inefficient contact strategies.

Experts with impressive communications credentials and buzz words further cloud a practical solution. Like you, we read all the analyses, listened to the promises and endured the endless hype.

So in 1996, DealerVoice tackled the problem directly with a system that was both measurable and guaranteed in its effectiveness.

Today, dealerships across North America are proving DealerVoice systems simply do the job. Guaranteed.

The key is our straightforward, reliable and proven approach. No hype, no promises that cannot be kept. Just demonstrable results.

The elements of our solution have become a symbol of our success;

Innovation. Integration. Communication.